Thursday, 13 January 2011


Criss Angel...first thing I make it back to vegas. FREE TICKETS TO THE gonna see your show.., Had the best night. Sisters kids and I watched Criss Angel, then put on our own magic show -which involved distracting dances and hysteria. TICKETS, either way, they aint the Criss Angel has modified the show to make it watchable now. , Have you seen the new Criss Angel show? If so, would be curious to know what you think!, "Criss Angel makes me wet" - girl "No! Only because of the water! This is a family show!" - Criss Angel, You have to see Criss Angel if you're in Vegas. It's a great show and the Luxor hotel provides first class services., He's apparently a goth-punk type of magician/illusionist in Vegas, also has a show on A&E, "Criss Angel Mindfreak", Watching ! The most amazing tv show ever! <3 I'm in love with Criss Angel! <3_<3, The plastic surgeon from that E! Show looks like friggin Criss Angel, Oh my God! I was at that Criss Angel show!, so i will see his Believe show livee awww i am just soo excitedd! and why are you surprised he is the Criss Angel, If you could only watch one TV show what would it be? รข€” Mindfreak by Criss Angel , i Agree with you Criss. and BTW great show its awesome Criss Angel Mind Freak. FREE TICKETS, Check out Criss Angel's magic on AVN Awards Show 2007. Are you getting your right mix of Mindfreak episodes from... , OMG LE SHOW DE CRISS ANGEL A COMMENCER A MA FETE :O THAT`S ITT ! IT`S DESTINER :D, Foreal, put david blain & criss angel out of business.. Should have his own show! , If u live on VEGAS or visit be sure to go see in CRISS ANGEL BELIEVE! its the best show ive ever seen! YOU'LL BE AMAZED!, I LOVE U CRISS ANGEL! <3 saw ur show last night! it was A M A Z I N G!, $59 -- Vegas: Cirque du Soleil Show w/Criss Angel (Reg. $98) (from ), YES! so close! but so far away! lol! we should like watch a criss angel show together or something LOL! ugh rub it in rub it in!, Mapa da Viagem UFC 126,Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom Islands of Adventure,Sea World, jogo da NBA, show do Criss Angel. podia ser melhor?, Saliendo del show de Criss Angel via el show de David copperfield Vegas. GIVE FREE TICKETS

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